Photo sessions in fashion magazines ...
They exist to promote fun and practical clothing. See it in the best light. And the longer shoots, the more I am surprised that some of them.
The main reason - black and white photos. In other publications or other purposes photos in this style may be relevant. Rather, they may carry a certain meaning. Sometimes add drama and romance, and sometimes just better to hide the color. But how these principles can work in the fashion magazines? If you compose a nice expensive clothes and take pictures without color, it will interest a lot less readers than if they were people of color. No wonder the same color clothes! If some outfit would have looked better in the classic colors (black and white), so it would be created. Of course, some photographers in the fashion industry wants to make the essence of their work, the reader also pondered the idea, therefore, create black and white photoshoot. As a result, more often, or the idea is lost on the background of clothes (even colorless), or clothing is lost in a deep sense of the photo.
In addition, photos may be limited to a portrait of the model, which shows only her face. But clothes are not included in the frame. And also for the maintenance of global ideas. And most of these photos, too black and white. 

Of course, many photo shoots really make you think or dream, but clothing in general is losing value. And perhaps no one understood me, but I do not take these pictures!

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