Multicolored hair & red eye-shadows - trends S/S 2012

Like every summer season, spring/summer 2012 is different with bright, even bizarre trends in makeup. In the summer of 2011 in fashion were light green shades and pink, white hair (these trends are best advised in magazines and Web sites), in the summer of 2012 one of the most extreme types of makeup is pink shade or arrows, and hair of all colors! Perhaps the red color symbolizes the militancy, and especially in the area of ​​the eye. * On both sides - examples of Indian ethnic makeup * Consequently, we can see that ethical and basic thends come back to fashion! One of the most famous makeup artists in the world - Pat McGrath (the makeup artist for the brand CoverGirl, and Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, etc.), which came up and actually implemented a red shadow on the catwalks, says that you can use even a red lipstick for the best effect on your eyesAlthough, of course, Pat herself has used special professional tools for creating such a dramatic image with red shades.  In any case, in the summer of 2012 in a fashion strange, but with historical overtones, the trend - red shadows: From the left to the right: Miu Miu; Marni.
And another "logical" trend - an absolutely wild hair color! This is a wonderful trend, in my opinion: allows you to unleash the imagination, make some experiments, and after all, have fun!As mentioned in the beginning, last summer colored hair was in fashion: a white "paste" on the Alexander Wang's show , pink strands in Jil Sander advertising campaignBy the way, the fashion for pink hair has introduced by a young model from New York - Charlotte Frey (right), about a year ago. With an height of 170 cm, she becames an inspiration for many designers, including Vivienne Westwood and Jeremy Scott. Charlotte herself proved such a decision to change a hair color she had a terrible boyfriend and life was bad. Now that her life became much better, thanks largely to the hair, or rather its color. But do not necessarily associate the hair change with  global variables (you know, scientists says that even change a size of a bag shows that the woman wants some huge changes), it's just a summer behavior!. From personal experience: if you can not dye your hair, it is possible to braid African braids with pink or blue threads (as I did in the last summer and still have such a haircut (without cutting my hair)).

From the left to the right: Narciso Rodriques; Thakoon.

Dreds - a trend S/S 2012

Such a haircut was used on Chanel pre-fall collection 2012 and MaxMara spring/summer 2012 show.Chanel's collection was inspired by Bombay and MaxMara's show was in a classic italian style, hense, we can conclude that dreds can be used with an every look. So, dreds are not only about the grange style, but can be mixed with some feminine, luxurious dresses. 
From the left to the right: Chanel; MaxMara


Art or fashion?

If we want to talk about fashion, first we need to understand what is fashion and why do we need it? Many people have an argument whether fashion is art or not? Therefor, I'd like to show my position about this question.
What is art? Critics say that everything made by man can be art. For instance, Andy Warhol could take trash on a street and excipite it! The arist doesn't have to understand what his creation means, it is for the viewer to make sence of it.Jackson Pollock said: "The picture lives it life, I just helps it to be showed". Art can change your life complitely, change your vision of the world.
But the part of fashion is totally different. In the ukrainian alternative magazine "Domino" I've red the phrase: "The main difference between art and fashion is that art changes lifes, but fashion is a reflection of our life, it shows how we want to live." Clothes, beauty, people - all this is from the world we want to live in. Such a thought came from interview with Richard Avedon for BBC, he said: "Fashion is one of the richiest form of the reflection of all human desires, fairs and dreams." Just a ferlection. Designers search for inspiration from the mood of the world, they try to understand what do woman (or man) want right now? Peace or war? Power or relax? And try to reflect it in a collection.
So fashion is about your position, your feelings inside about the outside. Of course, a dress can change your life as a peace of art (maybe you"ll find something special in it, some message). But, still, Coco Chanel hadn't thoght that she was an artist, and Karl Lagerfeld thinks neither about his creations.
Clockwise: Odry Hepborn by Richard Avedon; Richard Avedon's shoot in the 50's. Vogue US March 2010.


The trip to London and Brighton

The last weeks I've spent in Brighton and London for studying English (so if I make a mistakes please tell me). 
I want to share with you my impressions, plus I'm sure the photos about England would be interesting for tourists. Enjoy my slideSHOW! :)
Fashion & Art
 London College Of Fashion
Liberty Store
The UK Vogue Magazine Office

Tate Museum of Art


Trends in Milan fashion week spring/summer 2012

Spring/summer 2012 is uniquely designed to femininity, accented forms, vivid details, fun. A bit of style 50s, 90s (layering and dull colors), but most of the collections inspired by the glamor and glitter.
Thus, trends, and about them:
1. Pencil skirt + halter top = combination of all the major fashion weeks (New York and London). It and retro, and femininity, and self-restraint, and judging by the collection DolceGabbana - Italian "mood". Plus, in addition to the basic variant, encountered a combination of short skirt stamp, stamp, or vice versa maxi-skirts.
Left to right: Versace; Prada; Dolce & Gabbana.

2. Coctail dresses. Parties and festive back in fashion after years of minimalism and restraint. As a result, cocktail dresses of various materials found in almost every collection. Especially popular were the golden dresses.
Left to right: Moschino; Versace; Emilio Pucci; Roberto Cavalli.
3. Massive jewellery. Plastic, gold, silver, with stars or flowers - all possible options of accessories in the neck, hands, ears. Only one rule - shine.
Clockwise: Marni; Moschino; Dolce& Gabbana; Emilio Pucci; Prada, Versace.
4. Printed dresses and shawls. In the summer season, especially designers inspired silk scarves with ethnic prints. With this latest collection of DG - it's scarves, shawls, scarves, interpreted under dresses, skirts, ruffles i.d. As a result, must have of a season spring / summer 2012 - a silk scarf, which can be used as an accessory, and maybe as a dress!
Left to right: Dsquarted2; DG; Emilio Pucci; Missoni; Jil Sander; Marni; Prada. 


Words print - summer 2011-winter 2012

 The last time, the print can decorate and fix any outfit, no matter the style or fashion. Simply select a pattern (picture) and once there is an image, highlight, etc. The most topical of prints: Psychedelic, geometric, floral (but there are some interesting exceptions). And in parallel with these trendy prints, for two consecutive seasons there is a words print!
Each trend bears some idea: Whether it's a plastic bag, hinting at a new understanding of the luxury or fashion for men's style, which openly reveals the loss of femininity in the modern world (scientists have proved that a woman feels a woman 30 minutes  a day!). Prints of the words, I think, is related to the flow of information, so how fast everything is moving and changing. World of information! I have an overabundance of letters associated with clogged subway cars are fully covered with advertising! While, on the other hand the flow of information like the rhythm of life of New York, the speed of news in Twitter)).
Any way, trendy words print:

Multi-layered, colorful, comfortable - dress summer 2011

A characteristic of the dresses on the New York fashion week was a transparent layer  fabric over the main part of the attire. Wtatever you wear - put a transparent dress upon - and it will complete your image!
It is worth experimenting with colors, style, length, materials - and layering it to combine anything "without a second thought":).
I am very impressed with this style and attitude to clothing (simple, convenient, but not sadly - the color and fabric take on "mood and value").
Clockwise: Proenza Scholer; Rag & Bone; Nicole Miller.