Louis Vuitton Menswear spring 2011

At the show dominated by dark colors and bright appear only in the details (in accessories). Clothing Military (khaki, beige color, elements of the military "forms") and in style - simplicity.
So, the best looks and about them:
1. As mentioned at the beginning, khaki and beige color frequently in looks. A large pants was in nearly all the shows in Milan (today the first day of men's fashion week in Paris, respectively), we can expect that they will be the main things next summer.
2. One should pay attention to the bag. Evident in her characteristic simplicity of the coming winter-. Vest in the look differs interesting print with a smooth shimmering colors. Prints, as we know, next summer will be important in clothes.

3. 4.
3. Bright colors were more often on details than on things. For example, at the onion: yellow is used only in thong shoes, but stands out. Yellow was also used often in the details on the shows of the fall / winter 10/11 and added looks brightness and unique.
4. Only in the saddle, that attracted attention, the fact that under the strict "ironed" jacket is a long silk shawl. It would seem that such "easy" part is irrelevant, but on the contrary, addition of summer gives carefree mood.

5. Bag over his shoulder, very often met at shows Autumn / Winter 10/11 (women's fashion), but probably wear bags in such a way, has always been out of fashion and will remain.
6. Draws attention to the combination of colors in the costume (+shoes) and bags. For example, this show may be said that the color bags do not actually matter (like looks with more bright colors).

7. 8.
7. Another good example of "independence" of bags of clothes.
8. Knit items and details are often met at shows in Milan and surprised just what summer collections, and details - winter.

 Zippers, which are on the collar and seams, very stylish look and were similar to the autumn-winter show Burberry Prorsum (left).

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