Cacharel Resort 2011

The main highlight of a collection - prints. Next summer they will be of great importance in clothes. The game colors are well used in a simple style dress. The collection, of course, will combine a lot of trends, and some looks too reminiscent of pre-collection of Alexander Wang.
So, the best looks, and about them:
1.The same clear, "white top, black bottom" was only in the pre-collection of Alexander Wang (to be more examples of analogy with his pre-collection). Photo left.
2. This bow is clearly seen what a colorful and interesting prints decorated clothes. Prints, in contrast to the color combinations are always surprises in the collections.

3. And once again looks reminiscent of pre-collection of Alexander Wang. Transparent dresses and jumpsuits (in this case, blouse) is often met in the looks Alexander Wang (left).
4. Interesting combination of significant trends of the next year: simplicity (a jacket), beige (in Top), and psychedelic prints (in trousers).

 5. As mentioned at the beginning, in the collection were a lot of beautiful colors in a simple style dress. This look - a good example. Not dull and gently.
6. Pants were found only on the show Celine resort 2011. I'm sure they will be stylish next summer, the main thing to choose the right color, for not to advertise on this thing.

7. - 8. These two looks completely devoted to prints. It is clearly seen that the main highlight of clothes - picture and color. Conclusion: whatever you wear, don't forget about bright prints - it's all about them!

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