D&G Menswear spring 2011

Sports style dominated the entire collection. Subtle shades of summer appeared in each onion. Show was held in an atmosphere of Picnic (at least by the scenery), and resembled a golf club (through clothing). Knitted sweaters met as often as on the show Dolce&Gabbana.
So, the best model and about them:
1. Cellular things have become very popular not only in men's fashion, but also in the female. They met frequently in the pre-summer 2011 collections.
2. Bright, original prints will be uniquely trend next summer and spring. They can be romantic and psychedelic and children.

3. - 4. New interpretation for Hawaiian shirts (or more accurately, prints on them). Very interesting and bright. Perhaps these shirts again come into fashion, or rather, their fans will not be ashamed).

5. 6.
5. Torn jeans, it seems not long ago were not fashionable and popular. But remember Dolce&Gabbana show, it's enough to bring it to life .
6. Beige color - a real trend, and if he is wearing shorts with a tartan-edged, it looks like everything is stylish and fashionable. Not everyone would be able to connect trends together so well.

7. 8.
7. Knitted sweaters are really fashionable, that is, they are now, and stylish. And if you tie a sweater, as in this photo, it looks really elegant.
8. This shade of blue (as the jacket) was one of the main collection Prada.

9. As already mentioned, every bright prints will dominate the next summer and spring. A good example of "child" prints with cheerful carefree pictures.
10. A year ago, such clothing could only appear in the collections of Tommy Hilfiger (in the style of the brand's deep blue color and Bombers). By the way, fine leather belts, as is known to be fashionable next winter.

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