Skirt & sweater = the best combination for autumn / winter 11/12

In winter 11/12 will be popular business style, and "school-style". with restraint and playfulness in business suits. The best option combining the two styles is the sweater and skirt. Of course, this "trend" would not attract attention (we all wear skirts and sweaters), unless it is a combination of long sweaters and short skirts! Looks feminine and multi-faceted)). Plus, this entire ensemble can be supplemented with print: flowered, snake print.
There is no doubt. that the combination of a sweater skirt would look perfect on the young girls, but ... I wonder how this combination will look like on women? I think cozy! * The length of the skirt is not always possible to restrict, on this below *
On the left: Givenchy; Right: Valentino.

It is clearly seen that the length of the skirt depends .. on your mood!:) What is short, that long - all the relevant options.
Left: Alexander Wang; Right: Balenciaga. 
Still, how well that will be dominated in winter comfort! Do not worry you look feminine or not, in fact than comfortable - so elegant. (Although soon I'll add a post on the topic of perception of femininity in a society that is absolutely no need of natural makeup, no men's style ... Sadly * but certainly not the end of the world *).

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