And who needs fashion? ..)

Recently, I heard the phrase: "All unmarried girls: dress up to be interesting! Dyeing eyelashes, wear a skirt above the knee - never forget about it." Sad a man. Of course, t's an individual opinion and "for every product there is a buyer", but ...
Maybe this is really how girls "do it" - thick lashes, lush hair, heels and a skirt ...
So I thought, as, for example, the current trends "suitable" for wonder-woman? And concluded that the fashion in general no one wants!))
Who needs men's style or natural make-up? I'm silent about oxfords!
It is interesting that a girl with a touch of makeup on a low heel can look beautiful, but definitely will look dull on the background of the girls in high heels, a skirt, with red lips (notice once?)!
For example, the parallels between summer commercials Isabel Marant (left) and Blumarine (right). Rude question, but who of the characters will get married sooner?:))
Maybe the whole point is that we must be able to wear things in a man's style with femininity? (As the model in the photo at left). Still, a business suit does not bind to shove a cigarette into your mouth and talk bass (a popular trend!).
I fully respect the rock-and-roll, but understated style (as Isabel Marant), natural makeup and a little mystery (who knows me can agree that this is my)). Therefore, even if fashion does not fit to "still unmarried" rather be myself! (In particular, a 16-years old)).
Maybe this is a balance between femininity and masculinity: a man's style to keep the feminine guise:)

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