Trends Spring / Summer 2011

*I'm sorry that did not write anything for so long . In the future I'll give this blog as much as possible. Because I love to blog, and this is not boring. It's all about the time.*

Next spring and summer clothing will be aimed at ease! Styles, fabrics, colors - everything. This does not mean that skirts and dresses will be very short and transparent. It is a mood for the entire season. And it will be summer, sea, and at the same time restrained and Urban.
So, first of the major styles of dress. Chief among them:
  • Romantic;
  • Business style;
  • Sports;
  • Style of the 70tees and 90tees.
Romantic style. Romantic style often met at New York Fashion Week. It is dominated by a long dress made of chiffon and silk, and form-fitting lace dress (with a corset, for example). Clothes in this style really brings back the summer, "beach" mood and emphasizes femininity. Style outfits, of course, form their style, color, fabric. The most topical colors: white, blue. Fabric: silk, chiffon, cotton. Dresses decorated with ruffles, lace, flounces, floral print. And the most suitable will be gold jewelry.

Business style. It became the most popular on the fashion week in Milan. Next spring and summer of raisins business style will be the perfect fit and bright colors (made the breakthrough display of Jil Sander). It also will be closely intertwined with fashion 70tyh (gloss, silk, broad shoulders). But the interpretation of the office dress code was a very feminine, as well as men. In all suits dominated the restraint, but accented transparent light blouse and summer prints and fabrics (not always). As already stated, the bright colors will be most successful, but the classic black and white would not surrender position - a win-win. Leather accessories (bags) is ideally suited to a business ensemble.

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