Resort 2011 trends - part 2

1. Bow on the waist;
Bows in vogue now, but this summer they should be worn on the head. And next summer bow slowly "descends. And this accessory also adds playfulness, and depending on the size, "fit" any age.
(From left to right): 1. Valentino; 2. Dior; 3. Oscar de la Renta; 4. Donna Karan.

2. Hats;
Hats next summer will gain the classic and "not female" forms. These hats will complement the clothes in the business style. It is strange that all this is for the summer.
1. Oscar de la Renta; 2. Dior; 3. Jason Wu; 4. Michael Kors.

3. Short shorts on the high waist;
Quite a controversial thing: shorts are so short that feet are completely open and it would seem that such "long" is not too modest. But the fact that the shorts on a very high waist (and it looks very modestly) crosses a first impression.
1. Emilio Pucci; 2. Balenciaga; 3. Chloe; 4. Proenza Shouler.

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